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Weekend Brunchin'

So after a long, seemingly never-ending week of work, school, homework, errands, chores, extra curriculars, etc., we've finally made it -- it's officially Saturday morning. Saturday is a favorite in our house (I know we can't be the only ones!) and for us, Saturday means hitting the snooze button, drinking coffee until lunch time, staying in PJs as long as humanly possible and, of course, pancakes!

As our toddler gets more and more active, and as this crazy weather lately has kept us a tad more trapped indoors than normal, it seems we are always looking for fun things to do together that keep our little occupied and happy -- family breakfast always does the trick. Naturally, we have gone to A LOT of breakfast places and there are, of course, the classic staples I could recommend that we all know and love (think Cracker Barrel, IHOP, First Watch, Black Walnut Café, etc.). But if you're looking for a change of scenery or maybe to embrace a little small town charm, I have two great places I'd recommend.

Firstly, if you haven't heard of Essence House Café (and I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't), take my word for it and get there! But get there early! This cute, quaint, TINY but homey little café is a mainstay of those in Fulshear and if you're anywhere near me around breakfast time, I'm going to try to convince you to go with me -- I couldn't love it more! Also, and this is an added bonus, I swear they have the BEST coffee! I'm not even talking fancy Starbucks-type coffee like cappuccinos, lattes, etc. (although they do have those and my husband loves their Mocha they serve) I'm talking just their regular drip coffee. It's so so good, I always wish I could figure out what kind of coffee they brew!

I'd be doing you a disservice by not telling you that this super cute café isn't just a breakfast place. They also have a great lunch menu with daily soups and specials (I love the turkey and brie sandwich), they make and sell their own pastries (so YUM), offer smoothies, specialty teas, etc. The café itself has a great outdoor seating area that we love in the warmer months, and the general eclectic ambiance is just so great when you're wanting a change from the average run-of-the-mill breakfast/brunch outing. We love weekend mornings in Fulshear, walking around their little town square, shopping at the cute shops, enjoying the day together and getting a fun taste of the quiet, country life. A huge hit in our family.

Secondly -- and I'm almost reluctant to tell you this and potentially forfeit one of my secret gems in Katy -- but Harris County Smokehouse. Ohhhh, man.

I remember when my husband one morning said, "we should try that barbeque place by Costco" when we were struggling to find a place to eat on Saturday morning. We had gotten up late and knew we were in for a long wait any of our usual haunts so I was getting hangry and concerned. I thought, "for breakfast?" but went with it -- like I said, I was hangry! Wow. Turned out to be the best thing. You may not think of a barbeque place for breakfast, but this one is now top top top tier on our breakfast place rotation, and for good reason. They have a HUGE menu, amazing pancakes and French toast and -- good lord -- do they load you up on food. And best of all, there is NEVER a wait. I think my secret place is still a secret -- for now!

So tell me, what breakfast places do you and your family recommend?


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