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Shopping and Strolling in Old Town Katy

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Happy October, neighbors! October! Get ready for obligatory comments about how fast the year is flying by and how thankful I am for cooler weather ... but jeez! Y'all feel me, right?

So I was realizing that my last few posts were primarily kid-focused (toddler times, the new Children's Lighthouse, etc.) and felt like I was letting myself down a bit -- I haven't been letting you in, my friends. Not truly. Because lets get real -- of course, my little love Bella is #1 but if I haven't made my love of all things trendy, basic and girly (i.e., shopping and Starbucks) known to you by now, then what am I really doing with my life? Am I even here?

So let's rectify that with some insight and some small talk about local shopping hot spots I recommend and love, shall we?

We should start by noting that this idea came to me late summer when I was strolling around Downtown Katy -- 2nd Street, to be specific -- and I walked in to the Katy Tea Parlor simply to grab a drink for Bella (I had forgotten her water in the car, which I had conveniently parked a ways away). And here it was, I had found it -- the cutest little tea parlor in the heart of Katy that I had never even known was there. Of course, the women working there that day were SO sweet and SO kind and we chatted for a bit and I made a promise to them and a mental note to myself to bring Bella there one day for lunch; I even had little visions of us getting "dressed up" and having a mommy/daughter tea party day date dancing in my head. I'll end the suspense here now and say that since this fateful day in late summer, the Katy Tea Parlor has permanently closed its doors and I, of course, procrastinated and put it off and I never DID get around to fulfilling that promise and keeping our mommy/daughter tea date. I had missed my opportunity and -- spoiler alert -- I'm still kicking myself for it. It occurred to me then that maybe new residents to Katy (like me) don't know about some of these charming places we have just a skip and jump from us; or maybe you've driven by the area and for whatever reason haven't stopped the car and ventured in -- then this post is also for you!

So, I had ventured to this area in the first place on a recommendation from a friend to stop by Chloe's Closet, a children's resale store, and noticed several other shops down the way that peaked my interest and I sort of just kept venturing down the street. Why not, right? Chloe's Closet (I'm sure you've heard the name!) is a great stop if you're looking to pick up some things for the kids; they even have a maternity section for moms-to-be and sell gently used baby items like swings, rockers, etc. I especially love the kids play area they have set up so that mom can have a few minutes to shop in peace while kiddo is occupied! I also just recently saw an announcement from them on Instagram that they would be moving to an even larger location in early January of 2020 so I'm excited to see that and see what else they'll be up to in the new year!

Keep walking just a bit and you'll run right into Vintage Gypsy Backroads. I love love this store. If you're someone who loves vintage furniture with that fun farmhouse twist (i.e., chalk paint!) then this store is definitely for you too. I believe you can also actually purchase chalk paint there if you're someone who has a hankering to chalk paint and restore your own furniture! They also have the standard/classic farmhouse accents for your home like small painted signs, Mudpie ceramics and fun, funky light fixtures. We have a few of these little light fixtures in our office area at home; my husband Shane is very super into the "industrial" look and was a big fan of this store and their lighting options! The owner told us that these were handmade by a friend of the store who just liked tinkering. Really super cute!

Another must see on 2nd street is KQ Antiques. I feel like this store is one of the flagships of the downtown area and I love love love wandering through it. The front sections of the store are also home to Ruiz Home Decor Studios and if you're like the rest of the HGTV-loving world, you'll be in HEAVEN walking into this store. Farmhouse, vintage vibes everywhere. I want literally everything. I'm going to include some pictures here because I know I cannot do this store justice simply by talking about it; you've really just got to check it out.

A relatively new store to the area that I'm also super excited about is Wildflower Threads. I recently saw this store mentioned on the Katy Moms Network Instagram stories, started following them on Instagram and made a mental note to go check it out one day. After having wandered through, I was so so genuinely wowed by this store! While I was shopping around, I got to chatting with a sweet girl who was working that day -- come to find out, she's the OWNER! This sweet, 24 year old little thing (named Alex) started this shop on her own (although she credits her sweet family and friends for supporting her endeavors too) and that just made my mama heart beam! She apparently majored in business management and owning her own store has been a long-time dream that she made a reality! How amazing is that? She was SO sweet, and SO precious and I truly felt so proud (how silly is that?) of her! How great to achieve something like that at such a young age! I need to buy ALL the things from her. They have the cutest dresses, cutest graphic tees and I also loved all their accessories. I'm going back this week to go shopping for a dress for an upcoming baby shower; I'll have to update you on what I find!

There really are so many great stores in this little downtown area I haven't gone in depth with here that are worth are mention: Gypsy Princess is a super charming clothing store that is so great for fun, funky, bohemian looks, I've purchased several tops from there before. I haven't been in the store in about a year but I had a big moment with them last Christmas! The Cottage Door (pictured below) is also a notable shop -- This one is a cute renovated house just off the downtown area that has so SO many good gift ideas. They are a Brighton reseller, they have a lot of super cute home decor accents, candles, wall signs, baby gifts, Vera Bradley (I believe) and that's a store I'd really recommend for Christmas shopping! So many gift ideas!

Also, if you're making a day of it, make sure to make a stop at Serene Beans (which is right down the way from Wildflower Threads). I hope everyone knows about this cutie little coffee shop but I sure didn't before last weekend! The family and I popped in just to have a little look around as we were wandering in the cooler weather and I was so in love with this cute little shop, it has such a homey feel! I've made a note to myself to go sit and "work" there some mornings -- they have a pecan drink that is AMAZING and the women who own it and work there most days are so sweet and kind. Really enjoyed it!

So I've given you some starting points if you're new to the area -- or maybe you're like me and not quite "new" but not quite in the know. Seemingly, that's always me: never in the know. Maybe one day I'll catch up!

Enjoy this weather, neighbors -- Go for a stroll in downtown Katy. Let me know what you find!

Until next time!



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