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New hair, who dis?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the average woman, wife, mom, daughter, etc., is still in want of a good hair stylist.

Bonus points if you are with me on that reference.

All right, lets get real here y'all -- I have talked to so, so, so, so, so SO many ladies it seems lately that all say some variation of "I just cannot find anyone here in this area I trust with my hair", "I haven't found anyone good since I moved out here", "I've been jumping from stylist to stylist, I just wasn't happy with my cut or color", etc. I myself was one of those people.

If you've been following me for a little while you'll already know this -- but I moved out here to Katy several, several years ago when my husband and I were still dating and I was working in the Energy Corridor. Until that time, I had been with the same hair stylist since I was in high school (if you can believe that, it's true!) and let me tell you what, I did NOT want to accept the fact that the drive, time, etc. it took to keep going to him was just getting to be too much. I begrudgingly began asking around for hair recommendations, made appointments -- spent a lot of money on terrible cuts and even worse color. I won't name names or be overly negative cause that's just not me, but suffice it to say I was thinking I was just going to have to suck it up and continue making the long drive, spending the time etc. to see my trusted and true stylist back home.

But then I decided to take one more leap. I had a good girlfriend in the area tell me to look up Redbird Artistry on Facebook; I honestly thought it was such a risk, the whole recommendation seemed so vague! She didn't tell me a name -- anything, really. But after scrolling through some of the posts and pictures on the page, there was no denying what I saw was definitely promising! So I sent her a message and made an appointment ….. Long story short, let's just say that I've quit stylist hopping and I couldn't be happier.

Kelsey of Redbird Artistry

Kelsey is fantastic, sweet, professional and talented and I honestly cannot recommend her enough. She was exactly what I needed and exactly what I was looking for in a stylist and I wasn't even expecting it. She was my first haircut/color/refresh after I had my baby almost two years ago and made me feel like I was getting my groove back (if you've had a baby you'll understand what I mean here). And when I saw her last not more than a few weeks ago, I was in a similar place. It had been a good while since I'd seen her -- that happens when you're a toddler mom with not a lot of free time, self care goes by the wayside -- and she helped me decide on a chop chop for the upcoming summer months. She's that great, y'all -- If you're one of those people who say, "Oh I'm not sure what I'm wanting to do, maybe I could do this, maybe I could do that, etc." she's ready with a recommendation or validation and -- even though we've never had to go there yet -- I'd legit trust her to tell you "No, girl. Let's not do that." So I chopped it. EEEEE.

And I love it!

So, for the pictures! Let me first get this out of the way -- I'll say that I'm legitimately embarrassed that this before picture of my (very dirty and gross) hair is now forever on the internet; but when the after looks like this, I guess I'll allow it.

Obviously (I hope! Haha) Before - Left; After - Right.

Crazy amazing, right? Could that really be my hair?! So excited!

So Kelsey and Redbird Artistry just moved locations to a new studio space in Blue Lion Salon that I have not been to yet (I saw her before she moved just a few weeks ago) but can't wait to see it.

Best way to get in touch would be to check her out on her Facebook page (, send her a message and let her know that I sent you her way! She really is fantastic and I would highly recommend her to all my Katy/Fulshear friends. Let me know how it goes!

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