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It was Eggciting, y’all!

Easter is seriously one of my favorite times of the year, I can’t be the only one, right? Especially for us and with Shane’s big family, Easter means Easter baskets, crawfish boils, family time, Easter egg hunts, church and (fingers crossed) beautiful spring weather! What more can you ask for?

This year definitely afforded us some fun Easter times with a few Easter egg hunts for Bella, her favorite of those by far was the super fun 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt held here in Jordan Ranch on April 13th. My sweet neighbors and friends, who we are so lucky to spend a lot of our time with, had been planning on attending together with our kids for weeks. And wow, y’all. It was such a fun way to spend our Saturday! And I know those of y‘all with small kiddos feel me — we’re always looking for things to do with the kids to keep them entertained, amiright?

Let me just start by saying that this year’s event was huge! I mean that to say, there was a huge turnout and the various egg hunts held for the different age groups (even adults!) were packed — but in a good way! There were plenty of eggs for everyone and our sweet Director of Fun was there with additional eggs for any kid/adult/hunter who maybe missed the start of the hunt. Bella had so much fun hunting for eggs and carried her basket around the rest of the afternoon and even around the house after we got home — she‘d walk up to me with an egg and say “Egg? Help me, help me” asking me to help her open it (long after it had been emptied of its contents). She was being such a hoot.

But the event had so much more for the family — bounce houses (which Bella kept dragging me to throughout the afternoon), face painting, balloon animals, a DJ, food trucks, a petting zoo (this was a HUGE hit with the kids) and — of course — the Easter Bunny! We got so lucky with beautiful weather and had such a fun afternoon walking down to the Shed, meeting up with our friends and their kiddos, eating sliders, taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, dancing to the music and bouncing all over those bounce houses. Easter fun! What more could you hope for? And spoiler alert: early bed time as a result of a super worn out toddler made the day an even bigger success.

Seeing as we’re talking all things Easter and things I love about Easter, I wanted to also throw in an overview of our Easter Baskets just in case you were needing some ideas for next year. I’m by no means an expert nor would I ever consider myself one of ”those” moms or wives that just has it all together — y’all know what I mean, a Pinterest mom! — but I love, love, love building (in a sense) these kind of treats for my family. I’ve even started doing little versions of these for Bella’s friends in the neighborhood and I will say I do think I have some good budget friendly ideas that make sweet, thoughtful little baskets!

Baskets for Toddlers:

So lets start with the baskets I made for Bella’s friends: everything is from the Target Dollar Spot or the Dollar Store (with some small minor exceptions). I’ll break it down below:

- Plastic Basket

- Sidewalk Chalk

- Kids Sunglasses

- Easter Flatware

- Build-your-own Finger Puppet Kit

- Sticker Book

- Crayola Paint Bath Soap

- Light Up Stick

- Light Up Bouncy Ball

- Bubbles

- Applesauce / Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

- Giant Hand Clappers

I honestly hope the kids love these baskets and have fun tinkering around with the little knick knacks in them — we’ll have to ask my neighbors what they think!

Bella’s Easter Basket:

Sleepy Bella opening her basket from Easter Bunny BeBe (her grandma!)

Of course, I always have to go a little overboard with my one and only baby. Her basket is a Pottery Barn Kids basket with an embroidered liner — which I know is already extra - but a good hack if you’re wanting to snag one of these is to wait until after the holiday and purchase one on sale for the upcoming year. But they also run a ton of sales throughout the season too so you can get them at better prices when the time comes — and I’ve rationalized it to myself by saying this is her forever Easter basket, right? Haha.

Honestly, I added most of what I included in my sweet neighbors baskets to Bella’s basket (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, stickers, etc.) but outside of this, here is a breakdown of everything else I included:

- Swimsuits (this is always a staple for our Easter treats!)

- Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Marker Book

- Additional Coloring Books

- A few books

- A battery-operated Bubble Gun

- Some kids gardening tools and gloves (to help Mom and Dad in their spring garden)

- I’m sure I’m missing things!

All in all, she loved it. This was the first year she got to really open/tear through an Easter Basket as a full-blown walking, running around, toddlin’ toddler so it was so much fun for the whole family to get to see her enjoy the things we picked out for her. I’m serious, y’all! Easter is one of my favs!

I always do a basket every year for my husband, Shane, too that I’d love to share with you but in all my rush, I don’t think I even got one picture of it! But a quick breakdown is that I used a box of beer as his basket (idea stolen straight from Pinterest) and included:

- An Under Armor Fishing Hat

- A Yeti Coffee Cup

- Nespresso Pods for his Nespresso machine

- Bunny Kisses Caramel Corn

- Beef Jerky

- Granola Clusters

- Candy he loves — Twix, Snickers, a giant Reese’s Egg

I’m sure I’m missing things here too but, again, I’ll try to see if I can find a picture of the basket and if I do, I’ll update this post for y’all! And if anyone has any good ideas for man baskets for next year, y’all just let me know - I’m always looking for clever gift ideas for a guy who has everything!

Regardless, we hope y’all enjoyed the sunshine, enjoyed time with your loved ones, and enjoyed all the fun and excitement that comes with this time of year as much as we did this Easter season.

Until next time, neighbors! And stay tuned, next week I’m going to be posting an overview of our home garden — we’re starting to harvest some fruits and veggies and can’t wait to share what we’ve been growin’!


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