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It's practically August!

Hi, my neighbors!! Wow! Long time!

It's the end of July, how crazy is that! The last time I posted was Spring Break? That is a lifetime ago -- however, in a sense, doesn't it seem like that was last week? Time has literally frozen still and I have ZERO concept of seemingly anything anymore! I don't know if it's Monday or Friday, I don't know if it's Christmas or if its April Fool's Day. Either one is a possibility at this point, to be honest.

I will say though, that I while I may not have been very present on this Jordan Ranch blog, I feel as though I've made so many new connections within the actual neighborhood -- as I'm sure so many others of you have also done! -- simply from this crazy time where we're all out walking more, all out doors exploring more, and all a bit more focused on each other and talking to one another. Maybe that's because we see the inherent value of connection more when it's potentially taken away from us? Whatever the reason, I'm so glad for each of those connections that I've made from either walking by your house most days, from seeing you at the Shed or at the neighborhood pool or chatting with you at the community garden -- those always brighten my day and make this trying time a little easier! Can't thank you enough!

But I'm here now too and want to get back up and running with sharing our Jordan Ranch lives with you! Cause there's a lot to share!

Like many of you, we've been attempting to stay busy any way we know how and a lot has happened even in these very simple times! For example:

Stress-induced Hobbies

I have been stress baking like crazy! Honestly, just add the term "stress" to any activity you're doing during these times for instant validation. "Oh, honey -- I was just retail therapy stress-shopping on Amazon, its FINE." But I've been a hobby home baker for some time and I've really just had so much fun zoning out when I can and focusing on being creative within my little realm of baking!

Working on our FITNESS!

I have been working out A LOT.

Now, I realize the way I just worded that statement sounds a bit braggy. I promise I don't mean this in that way at all, I just want my credit friends! I am not someone who enjoys the actual act of working out. I try to tell myself that I am but I promise, these last few months have solidified that I do not enjoy working out. But I enjoy the results of it, that's for sure! Lucky for us, we have our awesome gym facility to help keep us active! But during those first few months of quarantine before the gym was able to be reopened, Myself and three other girlfriends would all sit in the garage of our sweet neighbors house (or in the driveway so we could maintain distance) and we'd all work ourselves to death with these crazy workouts that were so so SO what we needed -- it helped keep focus on other things than all the unknowns, and helped us focus on a little much needed self care! But now that the gym is back open -- AC during workouts ain't bad, y'all! I would include a picture here -- but no one wants to see that. Ha!

Golf Cartin'

Bella and I have spent a lot of our Spring/Summer isolating with my twin sister and her son for what we have affectionately called "Cousin Camp" and something that the kids have really enjoyed that was a big surprise this summer has been riding around listening to music on the golf cart! We even have a fun "Golf Cartin'" playlist on my iPhone that my nephew constantly adds songs on that's gotten pretty awesome, actually! And I swear, this takes up at least an hour out of the day that's not on the iPad or the iPhone or the Nintendo Switch and is a great way to the get the kiddos outdoors!

Front Porch Mini-session Photos

I feel like this is the newest trend sweeping the photo world -- the socially-distanced Front Porch mini session. And I'm not mad at it! This was so so fun! How convenient for you to simply have to walk outside to meet your photographer and boom! We did a session with Susan from The Photo Gal Photography (link to her instagram account) and she was nothing short of amazing! She was so so SO sweet, and SO patient with Bella -- who I told her was just near IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture of. She has daughters of her own so she was prepared to please the kiddos to get the shot! And they came out so SO cute! We couldn't have been happier! She's always opening up more sessions so definitely check her out!

Mother's Day

We celebrated a quiet Mother's Day with a picnic in our backyard -- which was super sweet! I sure missed getting to see my mom though! The picnic idea was actually super fun and I have been dying to get an outdoor projector to do a fun movie night in the backyard! Does anyone else have one of those?

ZOOM Calls with our Pre-school Class

We did weekly ZOOM calls with our pre-school class and unfortunately had to say goodbye to them in a way we wish we didn't -- virtually -- but it sure is fun trying to explain Zoom calls to a 3-year old!

Bella's 3rd Birthday

Bella's birthday is always one of the highlights of my year -- honestly! Look, I get it. our kiddo is our whole world and whoa, right? We should chill out a bit! I can admit that -- also ...... meh. We have so much fun celebrating our little love and she gets the biggest kick out of us doing it up big! But of course, this year we knew it just wasn't going to work out that way. We still did it up, just didn't have the crowd we normally do! Next year!

We SWIM and SWIM and SWIM some more!

Thank goodness the pool opened when it did! We would have been lost without it and it gives us a MUCH needed break during those hot summer days when we just simply cannot play outside a moment longer without getting in the pool. And thank goodness for our amazing pool and its staff for working so hard to keep us safe and having fun. I, and I'm sure a lot of other SAHMs out there owe them a lot this summer!

What else?! I'm certain to be missing things, but moral of the story is -- we've just been hanging around! We're not too daring with what we'll do with Bella especially and are trying to be careful for the sake of our families. But we've been making it through and I honestly appreciate this time with my family so much, it's been a journey that's for sure!

So let me know what you've been doing that's fun and exciting during this interesting season! I can't wait to hear -- and I'll be back ASAP with a great close-by Summer adventure that we enjoy every year!

See you soon, neighbors!


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