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It's Crawfish Season, y'all!

Hey neighbors! February is done! It's pretty much March, Fat Tuesday has come and gone, this weather can't make up its mind from one day to the next (big surprise) and I can't even tell y'all how excited I get around this time of year! Why? Crawfish season, my friends!

Now I know Texans are no strangers to crawfish but I will say I definitely leveled up on my crawfish addiction once I married into a cajun family. Louisiana crawfish is just a cut above, I'm sorry to say! But apparently, I'd been doing it all wrong -- from peeling them, to seasoning, to dipping (to dip or not to dip?) -- all of it. I won't even go into a rather embarrassing showing I had at an annual Wells family crawfish boil when Shane and I were just dating way back when -- the way I was peeling, or rather the RATE at which I was peeling was shockingly below par. Y'all know how much pressure it is to be in a room of cajuns and visibly STRUGGLING? Having to ask your husband to peel your crawfish for you while you sit there in shame is definitely a moment in life that is hard to overcome. Ha! Suffice it to say, I have since honed my technique and am no longer an embarrassment to my family at our springtime crawfish boils, thank goodness!

I'm admitting all this to essentially say I WANT TO EAT ALL THE CRAWFISH. Once February rolls around, its game on and it's time to get peeling and I'm counting down the days until our big annual easter crawfish boil where our huge family all goes ham. That being said, I'm impatient. I can't wait until Easter and can't always have good, yummy, Louisiana crawfish readily available at my disposal. But I absolutely have found some great places here in the Katy and Fulshear area that make me happy in the meantime and I wanted to share those with you!

I'll start with an easy, tried and true option -- Tad's Louisiana Cooking on 1463. Tad's has always been a great place to go for our family when we want something familiar, so to speak. Tad's is owned by family from Eunice, Louisiana (close by where Shane's family lives now in Lake Charles) so the flavors, the style, everything hits close to home for all of us. I noticed the last time we were in Lake Charles that Tad's had just opened a location there too - how exciting! We love the patio on the great weather days and they always do fun deals for LSU games, Texans games, etc. But during this special season, I wanted to mention they normally do an awesome 4lbs of Crawfish for $20 deal on Tuesdays -- can't beat that with a stick!

Also -- I heard that today February 29th, they are having their annual all-you-can-eat Crawfish Boil -- ooooh, friends! If we weren't going to cook-off today, I'd be dragging husband out there stat!

Another crawfish option I wanted to mention that some may not know about (as this one was a new one to me up until last year when my sweet neighbor told me I just HAD to go there) is Repka's in Brookshire. Right in our own backyard! If you've never heard of this place (like I hadn't), I wouldn't feel too bad -- this is a classic hole in the wall kind of place. It honestly reminds me of the country kind of place I would go to growing up in Baytown and I love those kind of places, don't you? The ones that remind you of home?

Important to note that they are closed Monday and Tuesday and again, this isn't a fancyschmancy place! Take the kids and don't worry about them fussing or being all over the place or have a super casual, chill date night -- this is THAT place! And the crawfish is WORTH IT!

I also tried a ton of new places this year in preparation for this post (tough job, right?) and a new option to me this year that I felt was worth a mention is Scholars and Scoundrels in the Katy Mills Mall area. I'm sure you've heard of it, it's a pretty popular place but I had always found it to be more of a burger place? Was super surprised to find a ton of people recommending it with regards to crawfish and I truly enjoyed it! I will say that the crawfish were a tad small but I went early in the month of February and that was to be expected and not the fault of the restaurant. I need to go again!

More honorable mentions:

HEB! Boil your own! They also sell some already boiled on the weekends which is super amazing -- that's something I miss about Louisiana, just driving up to a little crawfish shack and taking home some already boiled crawfish! We're planning on a doing a little boil in the backyard here soon. I'll link to the Cajun Ninja's YouTube channel -- He has a great recipe for boiling crawfish that I often reference (note that this recipe is great for small batches of crawfish. If you're doing a large sack you might want to try a different recipe!)

Big N's Barbecue and Crawfish - Y'all, when I say I am crawfish addicted I honestly don't even hold a candle to my sister-in-law; she is MEGA addicted. I truly think she's thinking of nothing else in February than crawfish and I get it! Big N's tops her list and that's why I had to include it here -- it's family-friendly, relaxed and BYOB. Definitely one to check out!

There are so so SO many more excellent options and I know that there is no way I could even skim the surface of places to try in a small post like this but this might get you started if you're new to crawfish or even just looking for something new to try!

Let me know your favorite places, I'm always looking for the next great crawfish place! I can't wait to hear!

Get out there and get peelin', my friends!


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