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Hello, 2020! It's me ... Jillian!

Hi, neighbors! It's been a minute, right?

I feel like it's been ages since I've posted a blog and shared my little country life with you and that's probably .... because it has been! Well, I've had a little break and a nice reset since the mad dash rush of the holidays and the turn of this monumental decade and here I am, ready to go!

There is something so amazing about the start of each new year, right? It is honestly one of my favorite times of the year -- not because of the endless array of hokey "new year's resolutions" and vows to exercise, eat right and drink less Starbucks (don't sign me up for any of those) -- but, more importantly, because of the energy and sense of renewal that's in the air around this particular holiday. And we're talking about a new decade here! Not just a plain old new year, it's 2020! And I'm here for it, y'all! Cause if anyone can use a do-over in any given number of areas in their life, it's 100% always me!

So as I was sitting here thinking about all the things I'm excited about for this upcoming year -- this blog and our growing community/neighborhood always being one of those things -- I really wanted to take a minute and focus on all the things coming down the bend here in our own backyards in 2020. A few of those off the top of my head would be the opening of the Jordan Ranch Community Garden, the development and progression of Texas Heritage Parkway, the retail shops that will be going up just down the feeder road of I-1o that are sure to make life SUPER easy and of course -- all of our wonderful events and fun things to do inside our own neighborhood that I am always excited for!

If you've been reading my blog for a while (and I appreciate each and every one of you!), you may remember a post I put up a while back about the herb and vegetable garden my husband and I planted in our own backyard. Now, I have always been a country girl and my sweet husband is a child of farmers so we've loved every minute of growing our own vegetables and I cannot wait to replant this upcoming March (perhaps that's another blog post!). Suffice it to say, I'm super excited about the Community Garden opening up here in our neighborhood SOON -- and I mean soon! In fact, there will be a Community Farm Sampling event going on Friday, January 31st from 3-6pm so residents can get a sneak peek into what the Farm will be offering to residents for sale upon its official open! We've been riding the golf cart out there to take some peeks when the weather is nice and we truly cannot wait! It looks so awesome and what a cool, cool amenity to offer here in our own backyards!

So, Texas Heritage Parkway.

If you're like me, you've probably been hearing about the potential for this end-all-be-all connecting road into Fulshear from the moment you set foot into Jordan Ranch and took your first look around the model home park. The completion of this road is HIGHLY anticipated as it will quickly connect you into downtown Fulshear without having to go ALLLLLL the way around as we currently do. Now, I spend a lot of my shopping time in Fulshear. I love the HEB on 1463, we love the Escape Movie Theater, I love Essense House Cafe and my kiddo loves the sweet shop right across the street -- suffice it to say, we do go out there a lot and we'd be keen to go out there even more if it were much quicker to get to!

That being said, the Fort Bend County Commissioner told in October that the road was set to begin construction in December of 2019 and would take about a year to 18 months to complete. Once finished, "[Texas Heritage Parkway] will be approximately 6.4 miles long, 200ft wide with two lanes of traffic in each direction. The entrance to the road in Fulshear will be a short distance west of the Cross Creek Ranch main entrance and it will end at Pederson Road in Waller County." I mean ... that's pretty exciting, right?

To piggy-back off of Texas Heritage Parkway --- I'm going to just drop this here.

Texas Heritage Marketplace, y'all. Beginning construction in 2020.

Located right at Pederson and I-10.

A Grocery Store.

A Movie Theater.

A "proposed" Chick-fil-a?!

Y'all better hope they don't put a Target or a Hobby Lobby in there or I am DONE for!

Now, of course I am no Jordan Ranch Director of Fun here, friends. That tall order can only be filled by the wonderful Solomon (who is so so SO amazing that he was recently awarded PRISM's Best Lifestyle Director of the Year!) who plans more than 75 resident-focused events for us each and every year. He, of course, was the first person I reached out to when I wanted some more info on all the things he's got up his sleeve for our Jordan Ranch families in 2020 and I'm even more excited after chatting with him! I asked him to break down the things that he is personally excited about offering and planning and here are just a few:

- A Superhero-themed 5K that will be held in support of the Child Advocates of Fort Bend County. Bonus! Solomon has even wrangled up some select Superheroes and Princesses that will also be in attendance, how fun is that?

- The "Best Week Ever" Spring Break week of activities sounds like its going to be awesome for keeping those kiddos occupied during their school break as Solomon has scheduled fun activities for each day that will hopefully cover all the bases of interests for the kids! Some of these include an afternoon of games (and I believe I heard mention of bounce houses!), an arts and crafts day, a science-focused camp, a cooking session with Cook Grow Learn and -- of course, our favorite warm weather staple -- the return of Bite Night Friday!

- Our annual Community Easter Egg Hunt is one I'm always excited for! Easter is such a fun time of year (it always gets me ready for summer) and this event is always such a fun one to be at with the kids!

- THE POOL!! Summer!! Did y'all see how many exclamation points I used? It was a lot right? Summer, summer, summer, summer! My baby loves swimming, loves the splash pad, loves being outside and having fun and I am here for it so of course I cannot wait for May! Solomon mentioned the pool would be open weekends beginning in May with the official Opening Day Pool Party on May 22nd. I'll be there with bells on!

Of course, Solomon has a ton more up his sleeve -- He was very excited to mention an upcoming resident trip to the Symphony, more events focused on the Men of Jordan Ranch, more events focused on our teens, etc.! Count me in for what he's got planned for National Donut Day, y'all! You heard it here first ....

It's already almost February, friends, can you believe that? This year is already shaping up to be a whirlwind and I suppose we should expect no less from a pivotal year like 2020, right? As it is, progress and change don't seem to be slowing down and are blazing right along with the days and months and years -- so I think we're in for some interesting times ahead! Good thing we have Solomon to keep us having fun and entertained while we're at it! What fun things do you have in store and up your sleeve in 2020?

Until next time, neighbors!



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