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Coming Soon: The Children's Lighthouse in Jordan Ranch

Hi neighbors! Firstly, can we just take a minute to talk about how FAST the summer came and went this year? And of course, I don't have kids in school just yet but I cannot even imagine how busy these last few weeks of summer are for houses getting ready for the upcoming school year. Lord knows I was cramming in every single activity I could for Bella to see her cousin before he had to go back this week and we already miss him! But I'm praying its going to be a great school year for everyone!

But speaking of school -- such a smooth segue, ha! -- I can't be the only one that's excited for the new Children's Lighthouse opening up in our own backyard. I recently had the chance to meet with the School Director, Von Anderson, to get an early sneak peek at the facility and ask some questions about their programs, curriculum, what they offer, etc. and am honestly even more excited for our growing neighborhood. I truly feel like this area is just about to explode (but that's a topic for another day!)

First and foremost, I really think Von is great -- she's energetic, knowledgeable and genuinely seems to really care (groundbreaking, right?). But I mean it, she was so excited about EVERYTHING when I was chatting with her; everything from the programs they offered, to the soccer field they were starting to install, all of it! I can honestly say I thought she was presh. I know that's a super professional term to use (ha!) but that's the best word I can use to describe her, I thought she was presh.

So I'm sure one of the most asked question concerning the Lighthouse is the open date. According to Ms. Anderson, the school is tentatively set to open (pending no delays during construction and the green light given from the team) the first week of September. That's soon! We're talking just a few weeks! That's exciting if you're looking to make a switch soon -- I know we personally live about 30 seconds from Lighthouse and having my baby so close to me during the day would be a HUGE draw for me!

But lets go through some other frequently asked questions:

What is the age-range of students that can attend Lighthouse?

Ms. Anderson called Children's Lighthouse a "family-style school" that offers care to students ranging from 6weeks to 12years old.

What can you tell us about your curriculum?

Students in the infant to toddler program (6weeks - 2years) work within the Lighthouse Innovation Program. This is a "hands-on program" where students/teachers focus on tummy time, arts and crafts, outdoor playtime, etc. to keep kids active and focused on healthy stimulation, growth and development.

Older students (2 - 5years old) are guided by the CARES value-based curriculum. This program is focused on "preparing students for the public school setting" by setting individual goals based on the child's specific needs. Getting them ready for the big school!

Do you offer any MDO-type program for littles?

Children's Lighthouse does not offer a specific "MDO"-type program for kiddos but do offer what they call "Drop-in" rates/programs. This program allows parents to do just that - drop their kiddo in class in a less structured MWF or Tu/Th setting. A bit more "come as you'd like". I think that's neat! I had never heard of that before and am now realizing that's very commonly offered but …. ya learn something new all the time.

Note that Drop-in is available for older infants (12-18mos) and 2years and up.

Drop-in Rates:

12 - 18mo Students: $75 per day

2years and up Students: $65 per day

Lighthouse also offers a "School Day" program for littles that provides care from 8am -3pm (to mimic a school day setting) that starts at $160 a week.

Do you pick up/drop off at any schools in the area? Do you offer before and after school care?

Yes, Lighthouse will be offering before and after school care to all its school aged students and will be dropping off/picking up from several of the neighboring elementary schools as well as the new 6th Grade Center.

What else ya got? Lighthouse will also be offering Sports and Dance programs to its little ones at the Jordan Ranch location and Von is super excited about that! Seems great!

Community Involvement: Von and the Lighthouse staff will be at our Back to School Bash this Saturday at the pool to answer any questions you may have and hand out some little goodies and school supplies for the kids. All in all, Lighthouse seems very keen on keeping the community involved in their activities and events (for example, a Trunk or Treat they'll be hosting coming up in the fall season) and I can't wait to see what other fun times they'll cook up.

What about the facility? So, I personally loved getting to see the facility while it is still under a fair amount of construction and I will say, I think the facility is HUGE! The classrooms were very large in my opinion, nice and new and sparkly and I truly can't wait to see what it looks like all dolled up and ready for students. I'll have to head back and do some follow up pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, they will have a large soccer field for the kids to play on, a basketball goal and they also have a large play area with varying age appropriate activity gyms for the students. Bella was all too happy to be the first kiddo to test out the slides --- definitely kid-approved!

So all in all, neighbors -- I loved meeting Von and getting a peek at the school. She was a joy to talk to and I think Lighthouse is going to be a great addition to our quickly growing neighborhood! Make sure to visit her at The Shed if you have any questions for her or track her down this Saturday at the Back to School Bash!


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