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Bella's Taco TWOsday Fiesta!

Wow, the month of May has already flown by and we are already halfway through June -- it has been a whirlwind and Summer is now in full swing, and just like that my little sweet angel baby Bella Grace is now TWO. Time is a thief! If anyone has figured out how to make it slow down a bit, please let me know. I figure I'll blink and she'll be off to college and y'all -- my momma heart just isn't ready.

So, I know I know .... this post has been a long time coming. Bella’s birthday was at the end of May and here we are mid-June but whoo, y’all. We have been hit hard with summer sickness in this house! Seriously, is there anything more vile than a summer cold/flu? Poor baby is hopefully on the tail end of it now, though and we’re ready to get back to lazin‘ in the lazy river! But anyway .....

I will say that I had an absolute ball planning her birthday party this year. So much so that I might even trick myself and my friends into becoming a kid party planner and letting me plan ALL the parties! Last year, Bella was shy, quiet and reserved and not really a big fan of having people over making a hoopla over her. But this year -- she was all about it and I was so relieved! She loved, loved, loved us all singing to her and celebrating her. And of course, she especially loved all-you-can-eat-cause-its-your-birthday-and-you're-spoiled cupcakes, cookies and cake … maybe that was her incentive, ha! Whatever it was, I'm good with it. It was a day for the books and I wanted to show y'all some bits and pieces of the magical afternoon as it is what essentially dominated my entire month of May! I also wanted to break down places, stores, small businesses, etc. in the area you might want to look into if you're planning a party for your kiddos (or anyone in your family, really!). I'm covering a lot of bases including royal icing cookies, party supplies, custom cups/coozies, drink machine rentals, cakes, DIY tips and tricks and all that jazz! So here we go!

Firstly, I'm all about a theme, y'all. Especially when your kiddo is little enough to not pick their own theme (i.e., 'Mom! I want a Unicorn birthday party!'). No shade to unicorns but I promise I'm going to be picking party themes and Halloween costumes as long as I can -believe that! So with that said, I was scrolling Pinterest one day and came across a Taco TWOsday themed 2nd birthday party and said YUP, that's the one! I just thought it seemed so happy and colorful and summery, I knew we could do so much with it and everyone could have fun at a two year old's birthday fiesta (not just the kids!).

So once I picked the theme, I was off and running and pinning party ideas left and right. I wanted to first tackle the cake and the cookie orders -- and I would totally recommend that you do this step first as the great shops around here book up quickly -- so I called about a month in advance to solidify my orders and make sure I was on their calendars (or so I thought, I'll talk about that in just a minute).

Cookies: Flourful (@flourful on Instagram and Facebook) - so this shop is a home-based cookie business run by the sweetest momma ever (Cynthia) and I just absolutely adore her. She is technically located in Richmond/Sugarland, which I know is a drive for us Katy/Fulshear moms, but she is worth the drive I promise! I often buy the little cookie sets she'll offer for Valentines, Mother's Day, etc. and knew I wanted her custom cookies for Bella's birthday party. She's so easy to work with - I sent some Pinterest pictures, told her my vision, and she made it happen! But again, she fills up fast so get those messages in! How cute are these y'all? Confession: there were only two 'Bella' cookies in the bunch and I hoarded those cause they were SO stinkin' presh!

Cake: Mary’s Cakes and Cookies (Baytown, Texas) - So ....... remember how I mentioned it was best to get those cake and cookie orders in first? Shops fill up fast? Yeah ... so I called more than a month in advance to try to get on the calendar with Fulshear Bakery (Facebook page linked here) and they were already booked up. Cannot stress this enough — tackle the cake orders first!

So, I ended up going with a bakery near my hometown that I knew I could count on but I cannot recommend Fulshear Bakery enough. The sweet team made Bella’s birthday cake last year and I couldn’t have been more impressed, it was everything I wanted and more and I was so so so sad I couldn’t get them this year but — now I know! A month isn’t enough time in advance for them! They are in high demand and for good reason! It’s a home-run bakery (for now!) but their cakes are of the highest quality and if you’re looking for IMPRESSIVE cakes (think Ace of Cakes cakes or Cake Boss style cakes) that are super creative and works of art, then Fulshear Bakery it is, y’all.

Custom Cups/Party Decor: Sip Hip Hooray (@SipHipHooray on Etsy and Instagram) - Fair warning, please avoid scrolling through this shop’s Instagram feed if you want to not blow a bunch of money on fun life supplies (i.e., personalized doormats and cutting boards, ha!). But I personally loved, loved, loved the addition of custom party cups to the event and would do it again in a heartbeat; in fact, I want to make this a yearly tradition. I have a girlfriend (hey, Carly!) that I stole this idea from — she has a cup made each year for her kiddo’s birthday parties and I just thought it was SUCH a sweet idea! What a great way to remember the day!

Now, I got lucky and found an amazing Houston-based shop one night when I was endlessly scrolling Etsy for more party ideas and couldn’t recommend them enough. I was able to work with the team on a custom design for Bella’s event and it was SUCH an easy, breezy process. Given a few notes and jumping off points concerning your theme, your ideas etc., the team at Sip Hip Hooray will then send you a draft of your design that they’ve come up with and you can either approve or make changes until you’re happy with your custom design. It sounds like a lot but really, it was such a quick and painless process that I would truly recommend them to anyone. And they have EVERYTHING. If you want koozies, napkins, cups, paper bags, custom wedding guest books, cutting boards, doormats, custom plastic plates, shot glasses, match boxes, etc. — if you have a design, they’ll put it on something! Bet your bottom dollar, I have them favorited in my Etsy account so I know exactly where to go next time I need my own personalized bib, ha!

Additional Party Decor: Glamfetti, Co. (@glamfettico on Etsy and Instagram) - Okay, seriously though. Tiffany, the owner of Glamfetti is literally the sweetest and a local Katy momma. Make sure to follow her on Instagram if you need a pop of color in your life, by the way! But let me just say this — if you’re not one of these crafty moms who wants to make their own tassel banners, blow up a million balloons to make balloon garlands, etc. then Glamfetti is for you. She has so many options, so many balloons, party decor, etc. and is honestly a great starting point for ideas if you’re at square one in the party planning process. And, I may be mistaken in this, but I believe you can hire her to help you plan and decorate and do balloon garlands for you too? Regardless, I cannot stress enough how much I’m kicking myself for finding them less than a week out Bella’s birthday cause I DID make my own tassel banners and did blow up a million balloons and stress about balloon colors, etc. when I didn’t have to. If I had only know the magic of this super presh shop!

BUT — not all was lost. Tiffany was so so so sweet! With days before Bella’s par, I made some last minute orders (a few balloons, some cupcake toppers, and some cactus confetti) and I was able to pick up from her locally. She really is amazing and I was lucky to have stumbled upon her! Next time, I’ll be sure to get with her in advance for even more party cuteness and fun!

How cute is this FIESTA balloon? Courtesy of Glamfetti!

Margarita Machine Rental: Island Breeze Party Rental ( - This was without a doubt the single best thing we added to our party "décor" list. One day, a few weeks before the party, my husband asked "are we going to have a margarita machine at our fiesta?" and I'll be honest - it never occurred to me that people actually rented these machines! But a quick google search and I was quickly enlightened! And not only does Island Breeze rent margarita machines, they also rent party equipment (like tables and chairs, ice cream machines, concession stand machines, etc.) -- I had no idea! Its genius! As far as our margarita machine (really a 'frozen drink machine' as you can pick from more than 20 frozen alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink flavors), they even have single, double and triple dispensing machines so you can have a multitude of drink options for your guests. And let me tell you what -- Island Breeze is AMAZING. I was honestly baffled at what you get nd what all they provide for you for the price they quote you. The machine is delivered and set up for you, the first mix to be put in the machine is also mixed and put into the machine for you, the machine comes on a rolling cart with your choice of table skirt, you get extension cords, salt rimmer / salt -- everything but the alcohol. And they even come and pick it up for you, you don't have to do a thing! It was such an easy, wonderful process that I would not hesitate for a second to recommend them to anyone and NO JOKE - the margaritas made the party an absolute success! Everyone had a great time thanks to Island Breeze!

All in all, it was a great day -- one that's going to be tough to top in the coming years! But you know I'll keep trying to make it bigger and better each year. Why not, right? As always, please feel free to let me know if there's anything you see here that I did not explain or you might want some more information on. And please send me some ideas for cute 3-year old parties! I figure I might get one more year out of her where I get to pick the theme ….. maybe? Ha!

Also - we're in Lake Charles at the Golden Nugget this weekend with our sweet neighbors/friends for a fun couples, kid-free getaway we all so desperately needed! I'll post some pictures and some thoughts on the absolute sweetest and best neighbors -- who are now my FREINDS -- very soon! Until then, y'all!


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