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A Small Dose of Summer Sanity!

So summer is in full swing! And for a lot of us stay-at-homes, or all Moms really (let's be honest), summer is often a big mix of "what am I going to do to keep my children entertained today" and "how long till I can have a glass of wine?" I'm telling ya, we are going through it, friends! I sure, like most of you too, I generally have some activities I like to do that I repeat week after week that my baby enjoys -- the Altitude Trampoline Park has always been at the top of that list since we started going last summer during Toddler Time.

Bella was around one at the time and toddler time was the best; it was early enough in the morning (before nap) that she was always amped up for it and quiet enough (not a lot of big kids) for her to not be so scared and really get comfortable jumping and having fun. The park continued toddler time throughout the school year too and we still always tried to make it a weekly trip as they often had fun things for kids to do like 'pajama day' and 'character days' where sometimes you'd see Mickey and Minnie or even Marshall and Chase -- so fun! Suffice it to say, I was pretty surprised when this summer was rolling back around and the owner told me they wouldn't be doing toddler time during the summer months. I even remember telling my sweet neighbor and momma playdate friend, "Well -- I guess Altitude is out!" (We both still have littles, so toddler time is the best option for us as it can get pretty crowded with big kids).

But y'all -- I heard through the Facebook grapevine that Altitude came to their sense (I think they had a lot of people like me who thought 'what the heck?') and have reinstituted toddler time beginning Monday June 24th! I just had to pop by there yesterday to test the waters and sure enough! I will say, it is still open to the public during this time so there will still be kids of all ages; I figure the idea of toddler time really relates more to the admission rate you pay. But I really didn't find it overwhelmingly crowded and my two-year old and my almost six-year old nephew had a great time playing together with both little and big kids. So so SO glad toddler time is back!

And as I'm sure most of you know already know, Altitude (and trampoline parks in general) are fun for the whole family -- my sister had a ton of fun with an impromptu but intense game of dodgeball they started during our trip and my nephew is begging to go back today too. I had a friend once tell me she and her husband would go to trampoline parks together for date night! How fun would that be? All in all, Altitude is a great summer activity that wears them out! I know we're all looking for those, right?

Toddler Time is Monday - Friday from 10am - 1pm all Summer long!

Todder Time Admission Prices:

Children 2 - 6: $6.95

Adult Jump Along: $4.00

Children under 2 with Parent: $6.95

* Children under 2 are free with parent admission.

They have some common concession-type snacks for the kids, an Icee machine if you're feeling inclined for a sugar overload and SOMETIMES they have pizza by the slice. All in all, we love it there!

So y'all go and have fun. its a great rainy day option, a great Monday-pool-is-closed option too! Until next time, neighbors!


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