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2018 is OVER. Thank you, next! Make room for 2019!

Happy New Year, neighbors!

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone! The holiday season is officially over (phew!) and its that time of year when most of us are taking stock of our accomplishments (or maybe what we DIDN'T accomplish), memories and highlights, ups and downs of the past year, making resolutions and hopefully looking forward to even bigger and better!

I have to admit, as I sat down to write this post and began collecting my thoughts/scrolling through all the pictures I've taken over the past year, my head was reeling at the cliché thought of how quickly the time really does go. They say the days are long but the years are short, and man -- could that be any truer? For us, personally, we've had such a crazy year with purchasing our lot here in Jordan Ranch, selling our old home and building and buying our new home that it seems almost surreal to even be here. We are finally settling into our new normal now. We had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas here in the new house which seemed like such a far-off dream at the start of the year when we were just standing on an empty lot and staring at our little plot of dirt and unhindered blue sky. We honestly couldn't be more excited to be settled and so so happy with where this year has taken us.

So, I noticed a fun trend on Instagram this new year season (you can always follow me @jilliankwells if you'd like) where people were recapping their years in Instagram Stories with a picture highlight for each month and I loved it. I loved seeing what people chose as their favorite moments of the year and wanted to do the same here and share our top moments from the year. I honestly recommend doing this, its so much fun and such a good reminder of taking time to look back on life. It all goes by so quickly, after all! So, without further ado .....



We finally purchased our lake lot on January 24th, 2018. Look how little my baby was! She would have been just 7mos here, my sweet chubby little Bella!


Okay, so I reserve the right to have several monthly highlights (ha, make sure to scroll right on the pictures!) There were so many I looked back on with smiles. We started picking out finishes in the David Weekley Design Center (had all kinds of fun debates with husband here!), baby's first Valentines, took a fun trip to Moody Gardens .... how could I pick just one?


So much going on in March! They began construction on our dream home this month and, as I'm sure you know from building in the neighborhood, it all happens fast! March is Dad's birthday month too and we had so much fun showering him with love on his big day! We also had a super fun trip to the zoo this month with Dad which is also a rare treat, tearing him away from work during the week!


We love Easter month! Easter for us means get-togethers with our big Cajun family (that I had the absolute privilege of marrying into) and boiling crawfish and celebrating the holiday with those we love. Its such a happy, sunny season isn't it? One of my favorites! We also spent some time fishing out at the family farm together; Shane and I don't get a chance to fish much together these days so we always hop on the opportunity when we get the chance! Its one of our favorite things to do together!


My first Mother's Day! Technically, I was pregnant last Mother's Day but this was my first with kiddo and ohmygosh .... my little family made it so special. This month was also Bella's first birthday which was STRESSFUL. Well, suffice it to say I put a lot of stress on myself to make it an amazing day and it was ... I just need to remind myself in the coming year to focus more on being present and enjoying the moments rather than stressing through them. But, it was still a day for the books!


Bella starting walking in June, just two days after her 1st birthday! .......... I also got older this month, but lets ignore that and pretend it never happened. I will acknowledge that my sweet husband surprised me with a weekend get away to the Post Oak Hotel for my birthday! Such a doll, that one. :)


We spent so so so so so much time in the pool and the lazy river in July. Who could blame us?




This month seems to have been a blur for us. Even my phone is only acknowledging screenshots from Pinterest or Instagram, as I'm sure we were knee deep in trying to get settled and attempting to decorate! I found this gem in the September files though ...


Oh man, this was the month the neighbors all found out how extra I am. By now, I'm sure they're all well aware and worn in like an old shoe, but then we were just new friends and neighbors. That will have to be a post for another day, a discussion on neighbors and how lucky we are, but for now .... my sweet neighbors made plans with my little family to all go trick or treating together and I sure took it to the next level. But hey! Life is for the living! :)

We also took Bella to the Jordan Ranch Halloween get-together earlier in the month and she loved it! She had a great day getting to know her neighbors!


Thanksgiving! Literally the best holiday! Eating, Football and inevitable napping! What else can you ask for?? We spent our holiday with family at a cousin's hunting camp which was so fun and of course we took the opportunity to snag some family pictures!


Well, obvs. Christmas! Merry Christmas from the Wells Family!

We also had a blast at the Jordan Ranch Snow Day; our family came in from Louisiana to hang out with us and SUCH fun! I need to find Bella's crying with Santa picture cause that one is GOLD. But really, so much family fun -- the slide! Cannot wait for next year! It was such a blast!

We had an amazing year and I LOVED getting to look back on everything and pick some of my favorite moments to share with you. I want to do this every year and would recommend it to anyone -- you find so many moments trapped in these iPhones you might have overlooked if you hadn't set out to find them! Its so fun and special as you look into the new year to see where you've been. Hope y'all had a great one too!


So looking forward ......

I have never really been one for resolutions. I never say, "my new year's resolution is to ...." I just know myself and once I say "I AM going to do this" or "I'm NOT going to do this" it then becomes a rule I'm going to inevitably break .... am I the only one?

I do, however, strongly believe in the power of words and that thoughts/words become things! So instead, I write down several goals I have for myself or my family or things I'd like to work on or accomplish at the start of each year. For example, rather than saying "my new year's resolution is to travel more" I wrote down - Plan summer vacation with the family, Hill Country Resort, July time frame - its not a WANT, its a GONNA DO IT; I know where, when (ish), just need to click the buttons. This way, I feel as though I'm tricking myself and being more intentional with my thoughts and actions. Its not just, okay maybe sometime we'll get to that, it's GOING to happen.

So if I HAD to made a list ..... family vacation, more date nights, more play dates for Bella, put the phone down more (I see you, Screen Time app!), read more, eat better (all the rolling eye emojis), what else?

What are your resolutions for the new year?

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